What’s happening at The Great KC Pet Expo


Blue Pearl Specialty & Emergency Pet Hospital

Demonstrations and seminars from the specialists!!

Physical Therapy for your pets can be crucial to recovering from some procedures. Dr. Connie Schulte, a physical therapist from Blue Pearl, will be on site to discuss different types of physical therapy and answer all of your questions! This segment will take place at 2:30pm on Sunday, November 4.

Dr. Weinstein, neurologist, will be on site to discuss seizures in your pets — what is a seizure, causes for seizure, discuss when it is emergency and briefly review treatments. He will also be discussing the classic presenting signs of dogs with disc disease, how the disc compressions occurs, and overview of treatment options. His segment will take place at Noon on Saturday, November 3.

Also stop by the Blue Pearl Learning Center for activities and learn about emergency care for your pets!



Lusco Farms Donkey Rescue to The Great KC Pet Expo! 

NESTER, the donkey who started a movement in Malvern.

It all started with one forlorn little donkey!!

Lura and Scott Shehan “founders”, were just going to look at some horse tack. Things got sidetracked when Lura suggested they tour the animal sale barn. That’s when they spotted him. “He was skinny, scared and the kids were laughing at him,” recalls Scott. “That’s what got to Lura. She said ‘We are taking him home.’” And they did.

The little fellow they called Nestor (after the hero of a popular children’s book) was just the first. The Shehans began their rescue work in 2009, and became a non-profit in 2011. Today, with 150 donkeys and mules rescued, Lusco Farms Rescue in Malvern, Iowa, continues to work diligently to find forever homes for abandoned, neglected or abused equines.

“They are kind of like big dogs,” explains Lura. “They are very inquisitive and they want to be around human beings. They want attention and affection from their humans.” Just as with dogs and cats; overbreeding is the root cause of too many donkeys. That coupled with a tough economy several years ago, many sale barns were filled with unwanted horses, mules and donkeys.

The Shehans go through a thorough adoption process to make sure their charges end up in greener pastures. Potential adopters have to fill out a form; provide veterinary/farrier references, and provide adequate pasture and shelter for the animals. They also have to ensure that the donkey or mule has a “buddy.” They either need another equine on site, or they have to adopt two donkeys. As herd animals, donkeys need companionship just as much as they need food, water and shelter.

The Shehans (and a small core of committed volunteers) work hard to make sure the donkeys and mules are well tended. As co-founders of the Southwest Iowa Animal Coalition, the Shehans, work with other area rescues on events, such as feral cat spay and neuter programs. They’ve found there is strength in numbers, and the rescue groups work together to promote awareness and adoptions.

The work is hard. The donkeys must be handled regularly to learn to accept having their feet handled (regular hoof trimming is a must); pens must be cleaned; hay and water provided. Lura is up at 4:30 a.m. to do chores and then off to work her full time job; after a full day at work, Lura and Scott head home to care for the dozen plus donkeys currently at the rescue.

That number is ever-changing. Lura said they have a waiting list for people who want Lusco Farms to take donkeys. In a recent situation, they took back three donkeys from an adopter whose deteriorating health necessitated giving up her beloved pets.

And as for Nestor? He was eventually adopted out to a loving family. Scott remembers Lura’s fateful words the night they spotted the long-eared donkey. “She said, ‘His life gets better today.’” And it did. They still live that motto today. “Their life’s g


et better starting today“!

Story Courtesy of PAH/Pet Health Central




Is Your Pet a Party Animal?

Are you a party animal? Do you think of your dog as a party animal? If so, you’re in luck! Thanks to Beer Paws and Bar K, there will be a space for your party animal to hang and have a dog beer at the 2018 Great KC Pet Expo! While you’re hanging, grab a special package for your dog from Beer Paws and enter to win a year long pass to Bar K Dog Bar!   

If you’re an even bigger Party Animal and want to Pre-Party before the Party…. 

Join us at Bar K Dog Bar on Friday, November 2nd for a Pet Expo Pre-Party! We will be giving everyone who attends an exclusive $2 off admission coupon. You can’t get this discount anywhere else!  When you pick up your discount coupon, you’ll also get a ticket for a $5 Good Boy Punch – one of Bar K’s signature cocktails (regularly $8)! Also, we’ll be giving away a couple pairs of FREE TICKETS! The party starts at 6 and goes until 10. See you all there! 


Learn about Miniature Pigs!

The American Miniature Pig Association will be on site with their pigs! You can meet them and learn what it takes to care for a pig as a pet! 


Benji’s Buddies Story Time

Teaching kids about pet adoption

Join Bailing Out Benji volunteers for “Benji’s Buddies Story Time” where advocates will read animal-welfare themed stories and children can then participate in coloring activities and small games.  This short “story time” will be help promote pet adoption and being kind to all animals. Books being read will include: Deputy Paws and the Puppy Mill Cause, by Peggy Race , Their Little Keeter, by Eric Forrest, Homeward Hounds by Karen Roberts and Not Norman by Kelly Bennett. Time length: 20-25 minutes. We encourage parents to stay with their children during the stories and activities.


$10 Nail Trims

Captain Creek Ranch Booth

Stop by the Captain Creek Ranch booth for $10 nail trims! CASH ONLY! This will be going on all weekend! Learn more about their Boarding, Daycare, Grooming and Training services. Captain Creek Ranch offers TRANSPORTATION SERVICES to and from your location! They will also be giving grooming demonstrations at their booth. Make sure to stop by in order to meet them and enter the PRIZE DRAWINGS! The prizes will be Boarding, Daycare, Grooming and Training gift certificates.


Bordner’s Pet Selfie Contest        

Win a $75 Visa gift card! 

Visit Bordner’s booth to enter their Pet Selfie Contest. They will have props available for the photos! They will award First Place, $75, and Second Place at $25.
Simply get your photo taken and it will be hung at their booth for people to vote on. The winner will be determined at 2pm on Sunday when all of the votes are totaled. For more information, visit their booth!




Traveling to The Great KC Pet Expo?

Check out our lodging deals below!


Extended-Stay America
7201 W. 106th St. 
Overland Park, KS 66212

Our friends at Extended-Stay America are offering a discounted room block for the Great KC Pet Expo at just $69/night. Pets are allowed! There is a $25 per pet cleaning fee charged at check-in. The group rate is available until October 16, 2018. To reserve, please call the hotel and refer to the Great KC Pet Expo room block.