What’s happening at The Great KC Pet Expo

Lusco Farms Donkey Rescue to The Great KC Pet Expo! 

Come visit Stewie and his other miniature donkey friends at this year’s Great KC Pet Expo! Interested in adopting a donkey? Talk with Scott from Lusco Farms on site!

Jingle All The Way Home! Adoptable Pet Parade

Come meet the adoptable pets on site looking for their forever homes during our Adoptable Pet Parade! We’ll be introducing each pet one by one. More than 15 rescues and shelters will be joining us with adoptable pets!

Build A Better Bowl – Improve Your Dog’s Health Through Nutrition

Join us for a live Q & A with our pet food nutritionists on site at the Great KC Pet Expo. Learn what’s in your pet’s food and how to read a pet food label.

Official CBD Retailer of The Great KC Pet Expo

Hemp Haven KC

CBD is one of the hottest consumer products in the market today. It is becoming more and more popular in the pet world and as it continues to expand, it is important that pet owners are educated and understand the quality of CBD that they are buying and how to properly use it on your pet. Therefore, we have partnered with Hemp Haven as our exclusive CBD retailer of the Great KC Pet Expo.
Known to relieve situational and behavior-related anxiety, CBD is lauded for its calming effects on pets. “As CBD use has become more and more popular with pet owners, we are seeing an increase in return business because of our customer’s satisfaction on how CBD is easing their pet’s stress, anxiety, aggression and making them calmer during storms, fireworks, loud noises and as well with separation anxiety when they leave them at home,” said Matt Cascio, Hemp Haven.
Additionally, it can help with inflammation and autoimmune disease, pain, hip dysplasia, aggressive and phobia related behaviors, loss of appetite and seizures. More pet owners are beginning to turn to CBD oils and supplements as a treatment for their pets discomfort.
At Hemp Haven, they offer a variety of tinctures and treats for your pets. Their star seller is our INFUSION 250 mg bacon flavored tincture. This product come from a 100% certified organic farm and the CBD oil is emulsified in hempseed oil which has omega 3/6/9s and many other health benefits making this a super healthy product for your pet. Their staff will be on site all weekend to answer any of your questions about the process, benefits, or what type of CBD product is best for your pet’s needs.

Jump onto Hemp Haven’s Facebook page to see some of the products they carry and to watch for specials they will be having between now and the Expo.

Come check them out at the Expo this year and learn how CBD might benefit your pet.

KC Needs More Groomers! Online Courses Available NOW!

Get the Training you need to start a rewarding career in dog grooming. This year, the Great KC Pet Expo has partnered with QC Pet Studies so you can turn your passion into a successful career!

QC Pet Studies offers the most comprehensive online dog grooming course available. Through lesson texts, video tutorials, hands-on assignments and personalized feedback from Certified Master Groomers, you’ll receive all the skills and resources you need to build a successful dog grooming career. Your course also includes a free dog first aid course, and a professional dog grooming kit!

Click here to learn more and download a course catalog.

For a limited time only, receive $150 off your grooming tuition. Learn more here.

Have you wondered how to keep your pup from rushing out the door, jumping up on guests, or from tackling the pizza man? Your in luck! Obedient K-9 will be going over these basic home behaviors and more at the Great KC Pet Expo! In these demonstrations we will be talking about how to positively correct these behaviors, and learn a few fun commands as well! 


Do you have a deaf dog or a dog hard of hearing, and want to learn to help them be their best? We will be showing you how work with your deaf pooch as well, all with positive reinforcement! Come join us at the Great KC Pet Expo for all the fun!


Fowler the Trick Dog!

Fowler and family is an up-and-coming trick and stunt dog performance team who want to help push the boundaries on what people believe dogs can do by using dog tricks and dog sports such as agility and disc dog. They hope their performances encourage people to get out and do more with their dogs. The Team is made up of Emily Remmers and her two dogs Fowler and Berlin. Fowler is an advanced trick dog and currently knows around 60+ tricks and competes in Agility. And her other dog Berlin is a novice trick dog also learning the ropes in agility and disc dog and is catching on quick. Both dogs came from Shelters in the Kansas City Metro Area. Come watch them perform at this year’s Great KC Pet Expo!

Be Ready For Emergencies! Learn the Basics of Pet First Aid

Love your pet? Of course you do! Consider this statistic: one out of four pets would survive if just one pet first aid technique was applied prior to getting emergency veterinary care, according to the American Animal Hospital Association. The time is now for you to arm yourself with knowledge and know how to act in a pet emergency. Learn and participate techniques for assisting your pet in a choking situation during our demos. You will have the first line of knowledge in helping a conscious pet if they are experiencing choking in any situation.

Is Your Pet A Party Animal?

If you and your dog love to party together,  you need to buy them some Beer Paws Dog Beer – the best beer for dogs (according to the dogs!)